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What is OnePlus Nord SIM Free Smartphone?

OnePlus Nord SIM Free means the smartphone is unlocked and you can use it with SIM Card of any operator in India. There is no contract required with any telecom operator to use this smartphone. And there is a SIM card tray or slot available on the smartphone.

OnePlus is known for the amazing smartphones they are selling at a great price which are often termed to as the Flagship killer.

Well, know things have changed a bit. Now they are offering smartphones in India which are costing people more than Rs. 50,000.

So I can say they have turned into a premium flagship smartphone seller now. Slowly they have increased the price of smartphones from Rs. 30,000+ to Rs. 50,000+ for the high-end ones.

But not this time have come up with the OnePlus Nord. This smartphone is designed to acquire the midrange smartphone in India and other countries.

And I think they will succeed in this plan. That is because of the amazing specs they are offering at a great price. And my comment on OnePlus Nord is it is by far the best smartphone we can buy for the given price.

The quality and usability of the OnePlus Nord are simply amazing. That clean user interface with the tag of Oxygen OS is just amazing.

This smartphone was launched in India for sales on 05/08/2020. And people are ordering the smartphone-like crazy. But there is an issue people are facing.

It is actually not a problem.

In fact, it is a confusion that is being faced by the buyers of this OnePlus Nord Smartphone. And I am here to clear this confusion.

What is OnePlus Nord SIM Free Smartphone?

There are so many people who have purchased this smartphone. And later when they checked the orders they have made on the official website. They see a tag mentioned and that is “SIM FREE.”

What is the Confusion?

OnePlus Nord SIM Free

As the company has mentioned SIM Free. People who have purchased the smartphone are thinking that there is no SIM Slot on this smartphone and it runs on eSIM.

This is mainly because there is no product photo on the official website which shows the SIM card slot or try.

But let me tell you the reality.

There is a SIM Card tray and you can use any SIM Card of your choice. So there is no need to worry about it.