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How to Open Bank Account in Allahabad Bank?

I think you are planning to open bank account in Allahabad Bank, which is one of the trusted and famous banks of India. Allahabad Bank with many branches across India is serving many people who have hold account in their bank. There are plenty of people who hold account in this bank because of the features and options which are being provided by this bank. And if you are planning to open bank account in Allahabad Bank and searching online for an guide to do so, then this is the right page for you here on Online Indians. We will tell you all the procedure which you need to follow to open new bank account.

How to Open Bank Account in Allahabad Bank?

Open bank account in Allahabad Bank

All the steps which are needed to be followed are mentioned below with all the explanations, about every single steps. Read them all and at last if you have any questions you can comment below.  🙂

Collecting Allahabad Bank Account Opening Form.

So the first step is you need to get the Allahabad Bank account opening form. You can get the form from any of the Allahabad Bank branch, at any of the branches you will get it or else you can download it online from their official website. And while getting the form you need to keep one thing in mind that is the forms for opening Savings Account and Current Accounts are different. You can ask the bank faculty for the right form for which you are seeking.

Filling the Allahabad Bank Account opening form.

When you get a account opening form, the next step is you need to fill it with all the details which are asked in the form. Like Name, Last Name, Residential Address, Permanent Address etc. After you fill the form you need to make your signature in the space provided in the form. When done with your signature check all the details you have filled in the form for any spelling mistakes and all. If you find some them make sure you correct them and don’t neglect them.

Gathering Required Documents by the bank.

So now you are done with collecting the form and filling the account opening form, the next step is to gather all the required documents which are asked by the bank to open an account for you. Whenever you are opening an account in any of the banks which are operating in India they will ask you to enclose certain documents with the form. And they are your Identity Proof and Address Proof Documents.

You can get details about all the Documents Required by Allahabad Bank in this linked article. To know which all documents you need to enclose with you application form, just click on the link the article will open in new tab of your web browser. After you gather all the documents take one photo copy of the documents and make your signature on them , without your signature the photo copies you attached are not valid.

Visiting Branch with Dully Filled Form and Documents.

Visit the branch of Allahabad Bank which is near to you and where you wish to maintain your account. (Home Branch) When you visit the branch submit your application and the attached photo copies to the bank official. They will ask you to show the original documents for verification, show them the documents and you are done with the submitting your applications and documents verification.

Depositing the Minimum Balance.

We all know that we need to deposit some amount of balance when we open a bank account in any of the bank of India and its the same here in Allahabad Bank as well. You need to make an minimum deposit of Rs.1000. When you complete documents verification with the bank officials. As you are just now opening your account in their bank, there is no account number which is allotted for you yet. So while filling the deposit slip, in the space where you need to enter your account number write as NEW ACCOUNT and deposit the amount.

Collecting Bank Passbook and other Documents.

Now you are done with everything you need to do to open bank account in Allahabad Bank now you are at the last step. That is now you need to collect your Bank Passbook, ATM Card, Cheque Book etc. from the bank officials and you have now successfully completed you task to open account in this bank.  🙂

Final Words.

So this was the procedure which you need to follow to open bank account in Allahabad Bank, I hope you understood all the steps which are mentioned in this article. And if you have any kind of questions in your mind then you can comment below. And for extra and more in depth information you can visit any branch of this bank they will guide you with this.  🙂


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    • Hi Sulekhanidhi, Yes you can open the bank account but you will have to submit your the address proof of the maternal home place to the bank.

      If you have the address proof documents then you can easily open a bank account with Allahabad bank at your maternal home place.

    • I m 19 .and now I open my account in any private bank .please suggest me which bank is best and how can I open my account easily…