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How to Get MMID of Union Bank of India Account?

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Do you have a bank account in Union Bank of India and want to get MMID of your bank account? Then you have been landed on the right page. Because in this article of mine, I will tell you the complete procedure to get MMID of Union Bank of India account. You can get your MMID code within few minutes believe me the process is very simple you will receive your MMID from the bank within few minutes after you read this complete article. This is an 7 digits unique number which is used to transfer money by IMPS.

If you are planning to send money to someone using IMPS by your smartphone or mobile banking. Then you should have this code. Without this code, you may face difficulties while sending the money to your receiver. But it is not like even the receiver should have this code. Even if they don’t have this code they will receive the money you transfer from your bank account.

How to Get MMID of Union Bank of India Account?

Get MMID of Union Bank of India Account

Let us get started with this article and learn how one can get the MMID of Union Bank of India bank account. As I had mentioned before itself that the process is very simple, that was because you just have to send one SMS from your mobile number.

Just type the SMS in the pattern which is mentioned below. But you have to send it from your registered mobile number only.

Here what I mean by the registered mobile number is the mobile number which you have submitted to the bank. Let me make it even simpler. I am talking about the mobile number on which you receive SMS notifications from the Union Bank of India.

But if you have not registered mobile number with your bank account. Then you can’t follow this guide. You have to get your mobile number registered as soon as possible.

If you want to read more about the process to register mobile number with Union Bank of India. Then follow this link to read the guide published by me.

  1. Type MMID
  2. And send it to 9223173921.

This was so simple, isn’t it? Yes, it is very simple. So this is the process which you need to follow to get MMID of Union Bank of India account by sending an SMS.

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