Difference Between Team and Group

Generally speaking, when we listen to the words group and team, we feel that both are the same. But it is not true. There are many differences between these two. You can refer to the table below to learn the various differences between these two terminologies.

SuitabilityTeam suits to the projects that will take a long period of time to complete.Groups are suitable for those project which are of short term in nature.
SharingThe team members meet at regular intervals for the purpose of discussion.The members of the groups meet to share their individual point of view and some information.
AccountabiltyAll the members of the team are mutually accountable for the task on which the team is working.There is no mutual accountability in the case of a group.
FocusEvery member focuses on achieving the goals and objectives of the team.Members focus on achieving their individual goals and objectives.
Roles and Responsibilities In a team, all the members have their roles and responsibilities clear.There is no clarity about the roles and responsibilities in a group.
Concern about ResultAll the members face the challenges collectively as they care about the result of others.The member of a group is concerned only about their individual challenges and outcomes.
HeadThere will be a leader who will be leading the team.There will be a manager who will be managing the things of the group.
Number of MembersAn ideal team will have 7 to 12 membersThere will be 2 to 4 members depending upon the reason for group formation.
FormationIt is very difficult to form a team.Forming a group is simple in comparison to forming a team.

What is the Meaning of a Team?

What is a Team?

A team is a small group of members who meet regularly and are working together to achieve a common goal and objective. Generally, a team generates positive synergy through the coordinated efforts of all the members.

Examples, Project team, cricket team, hockey team.

Definition of a Team

According to Stephen P. Robbins,

“A work team is a collection of people whose individual efforts result in a level of performance which is greater than the sum of their individual contributions.”

What is the Meaning of a Group?

What is a Group?

A group is formed when two or more like-minded people interact and want to reach a common consensus. The group members are sensitive to the needs of others in the group.

Every organization has different groups and they highly affect the behavior of the members. It not only affects the way how the members of the group behave it affects other groups too.

Examples, Lunch group, school’s class group.

Definition of a Group

According to David H. Smith,

“A Group is a set of two or more individuals who are jointly characterized by a network of relevant communications, a shared sense of collective identity and mone or more shared dispositions with associated normative strength.”

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