Union Bank of India Credit Cards With No Annual Fees

In India, there are many banks and companies which issue or provide credit cards and there are certain charges which are applied to the user by the bank or credit card issuer I can say. Annual fees are one of those charges while getting the card many of us are not aware of this charge which is termed as annual fees. When someone gets a credit card for the first time they come to know about this fees after a year receiving the credit card statement, but if you read all the terms and conditions which are applied to the card user you will come to know about this fees.

There are some cards which are available in India which come with no annual fees, in this article on Online Indians we will tell you about such cards by Union Bank of India. But before we proceed to further part of this article we would like to share about some of the best credit cards, these cards which can be considered as best for various things like shopping, travel, fuel etc. If you wish to read more about such cards you can follow the links which are provided below.

What are Annual Fees on Credit Cards?

Do you know what is annual fees? If you don’t know let me explain it to you. Annual fees is a fee which is charged by the card issuer on your credit card. This charge is called as annual fees because this charge is applied to the user once a year only. But one thing you should keep in your mind that not all the cards which are available in India have annual fees.

When Annual fees is charged?

So now you know what exactly annual fees is now let us move forward and checkout when this charge is applied to you. Some companies apply this charge when your card turns one year old i.e. on the anniversary and some companies apply this charge at the beginning of the calendar year.

Union Bank of India Credit Cards With No Annual Fees

Union Bank of India Credit Cards With No Annual Fees

Let us get started with this article now and checkout the Union Bank of India credit cards with no annual fees.

Union Bank of India Credit Card Name Annual Fees
VISA International – Classic 0
VISA International – Silver 0
VISA International – Gold 0

So these are the 3 Union Bank of India credit cards with no annual fees, now you can apply for these cards. After applying for the card you need to wait for some time and check your application status. To know how you can check your credit card application status you can follow this link to read the procedure to check your application status.

If in case your application is rejected don’t feel bad about that I will tell you what to do next. First of all, you should figure out what is real reason for the application rejection, follow this link and read my article Why your credit card application got rejected? we have mentioned some of the possible reasons for the card rejection.

Do you know even a student can get a credit card and there are credit cards for low-income earners as well. And if you want to get a card for you without doing much documentation and showing up your income proof you can do that. You can get credit cards against fixed deposit in India, these days many banks provide credit cards by opening fixed deposit with them. However paying annual fees is not a bad thing it’s just a thing you need to do if you want to own a credit card of your wish.

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