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How to Register Mobile Number with Indian Bank Account?

Indian Bank which is one of the biggest bank operating in India as well as one of the most trusted Financial institute of India. I think you have already completed your task to open bank account in Indian Bank if not then you can read our previously published guides on Online Indians and get your account opened. But if you have already opened an account and now you want to update or register mobile number then you have been landed on the right website here. Because in this guide we will tell you the complete procedure which you need to follow to change or update registered mobile number.

Registered mobile number is used for various things and it’s very important to keep your mobile number up to date. Because if you want to activate internet banking, make while making any sort of online transaction you will receive OTP (one time password) to that mobile number. Not only for online transactions but even when your ATM card is used to withdraw money you will receive SMS from the bank. If you find any unauthorized ATM transactions you can block your ATM Card as soon as possible. So you should always keep this up to date.

You can use this guide to:

  • Change the registered mobile number with the bank.
  • Register mobile number with bank account if you have not yet registered.

How to Register Mobile Number with Indian Bank Account?

How to Guides of Indian Bank

Now let us get started with this guide and check out the steps which you need to follow to register mobile number with Indian Bank account.

  • This process involves writing an application to the branch manager of your home branch. We have given an sample letter below which you can follow.
  • Collect your Aadhaar card and take one photocopy and make your signature on it.


Branch Manager,

(Branch Name)

(Your City)

Subject: Mobile Number Registration with Account

Respected Sir/Madam,

I (your name) hold an bank account in your branch with an Account number allotted to me: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (your account number) I want to register my mobile number with this account. My new mobile number is 1234567890 and I request you to register my mobile number with my bank account. I have attached my ID proof with this letter.

Thank You,

(your name)

  • Now you are ready with an application letter and self attested photocopy of your Aadhaar card, visit your home branch and submit it there.
  • Make sure you carry your original copy of Aadhaar card with you because bank officials may ask for the original one.
  • Your mobile number will be registered soon within 2 working days.

If you have any kind of doubts regarding the task to register mobile number with Indian Bank account you can comment below. We will respond to your comment as soon as possible to us.

Happy Banking !!  🙂


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  • Hai i opened accouñt 2012 in indian bank ..now i want to deposit amount if my account available my account numbet valid ah

  • iwant to change my mo. no in bank my account no is 6312276*** (data is hidden) and my new mobile no. is 8872487*** (data is hidden)

    • Hey Amit Kumar, if you want to change your registered mobile number then you will have to write an application to the branch manager telling him to update your number.

      Make sure you mention your old number as well as new number they will change it for you.

  • Hi sir or madam. I opened 2013 my account. But I am in stat my native dindigul. So how do I do I will my change my phone number

    • I block my old phone number. That’s i have change my new number in Indian bank.pls help me. Because my place dindigul. I am not come there

  • I changed my new mobile number in the bank by given request letter but by online payment i am receiving old no only .how can i conform

    • Hi Sheela. S you can get it confirmed by calling customer care center, you have to call them and ask if the branch has updated your mobile number to new number.

      You can call them on their toll free number: 1800 4250 0000

      They will tell you the current status of your mobile number change request.

      • Indian Bank customer care is worst. they can’t help regarding this issues. i submit my mobile no. update application form at my branch before 4 days. now i am getting message for ATM withdrawal but for debit card bill payment my number still not update. so twice i called customer call but they are hepless.

  • i want change my mobile number any indian bank applicable or home indian bank only applicable to change
    mobile give me details

  • I have nre account in indian bank. how to change my mobile number in my account.because now I am staying saudi arabia.

  • hai sir this is raju kumar j here i need to change my mobile phone number but i am facing lot of problem am not in the home place wer the account is so is there any way to attach a new number to my account (i am in Patna) my account is in hosur ( tamil nadu ) zuzuwadi branch my account no. is 6160541498 Raju kumar j And( my old mobile no is (8220503644). my new number is 9632458662 i want to attach this number 9632458662 tnk you sir

    • Hi Deivanau, you can’t register your Email ID with your account online you have to visit your home branch to update it.

  • Hai sir or madam ,my old mobile no missing sir, we need help sir , my Account no is 6171136158 ,my old no is 8678925384, my new no 9445920146 , Thank you sir

    • HI Vinothkumar, Follow the procedure mentioned above to change or register your mobile number with the bank account that you hold in Indian Bank.

  • Sir I registered my mobile number…… But it’s coming that ur mobile number is updated for more than one bank account number….. . What should I do

  • Sir.
    My cell number missed so my account number 6228695820
    My old cell number missed .
    New number 8012263161.

  • Sir I opened an account in Indian bank but my mobile number is not registered in bank but I give my mobile number in form now what can I do

  • Hi sir,
    I am Hemanth kumar I want changed my register mobile number and my branch is royapuram branch my new number is 7871676733 pls changed my register mobile number sir…Thank you

  • HI sir
    I have an Indian bank account.I want to update my new mobile number in my account ..is it possible to change my new mobile number through Internet by myself

  • Already I registered a complaint to change my mobile number I given a letter to home branch register my number he didn’t take any action for this complaint what I can do that’s way I didn’t dipoisting the money in my account please do this (sir or madam)

    MY ACT NO. IS – 610740634
    MY OLD PHONE NO. – 8655131858
    7208837883 PLEASE CHANG THE NO .

    MY ACT NO. IS – 6303833775
    MY OLD PHONE NO. – 9973648863
    9830015935 PLEASE CHANG THE NO

  • i have given all the attachment to my bank two times but they not yet changed…
    indian bank andimadam branch ariyalur district.. tamil nadu…

  • Hello sir,
    I want to add my mobile no 753****0948 my account number: 6363***440 please add mobile no
    Thanking you

  • Hi, Sir do we have any process for update mobile no.online or Visit to ATM.Like other bank have this facility no need to go home Branch just Visit ATM bank and change mobile number.

  • My A.c. no.6172*****8.
    My old mobile no.888***7308.pls change my mobile no. My new mobile no.83***7876. Pls update
    My branch komarapalayam
    Namakkal dist