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Name Change Procedure in Gazette of India

Hey there hi and welcome to Online Indians, are you searching for an article online which will explain you about name change procedure in Gazette of India? If yes and you are searching for such an article. Then let me tell you that you have been landed on the right website. Because in this article of mine I will be sharing complete procedure to change your name legally in India. Changing your name legally in India is easy but a bit complicated process, I have tried my best to make it easy to understand in this article of mine I hope you will like this article.

Name Change Procedure in Gazette of India.

Name Change Procedure in Gazette of India

The steps involved in changing your name legally in India that is in Gazette of India, we can divide the steps in three and they are:

  • Affidavit of Change of Name.
  • Newspaper Publication.
  • Publication of Change of Name in Gazette of India.’

I will explain you everything you need to do and follow these three steps. So now lets us get started with the article.

Affidavit of Change of Name.

To get affidavit you need to visit District court of your city and get a notary for this. Ask him to make an affidavit of the name change, he/she will assist you to get an affidavit but make sure the notary should be made on the stamp paper of Rs.10 or Rs.20. You need to mention some of the details in the affidavit as well and they are your previous name, your current name (your new name) and the reason why you are changing is very important and you have to mention it.

In case you are married women you need to mention these points:

  • Your marriage date.
  • Your current name with husband’s name.
  • Your current postal address. (your husband’s address)
  • Your previous name with Father’s name.
  • Your previous postal address. (your Father’s address)

This completes the first step involved in changing your name legally in India, let us now move further and check out the second step which you need to follow.

Newspaper Publication.

Now in the second step what you need to do is you need to publish your name change notification in the newspaper. You have to publish that you are changing your name in 2 newspaper which are leading in your locality. I will give you a sample of newspaper publication you can use that format to publish in the newspaper.

You have to mention these details in the publication:

  • Your current name. (your new name)
  • Your previous name.
  • Your husband’s name if you are married women and marriage date.
  • Your current postal address.
  • Date of creation of Affidavit creation.
  • Name of the notary by whom you made your Affidavit.

I suggest you keep multiple copies of the newspaper in which you have published your name change notification. Because it is a lifetime reference for you now, keep both hard and soft copy (Computer Scanned Copy) with you. This copy will be helpful for you in many cases in future.

A sample of Newspaper publication:

I Deepali Mishra married Pramod Shetty on 02-04-2016 residing at C-21 4th Block Malleshwaram, Bengaluru. I have changed my name to Deepali Shetty vide Affidavit dated 10-04-2016 sword before Notary Manoj Gouda, Bengaluru.

Publication of Change of Name in Gazette of India.

So now the final step now in the name change procedure in Gazette of India. Read this step carefully there are many things involved in this step which you need to understand correctly.

You need to post or send an envelope to Department of Publication with few of the documents in it.

Address: Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54

The documents to be sent to Controller of Publication are:

  • Request letter in which you need to mention about all the documents which you have enclosed in the envelope.
  • Specimen for Change of Name (Hard Copy) with signatures of two witnesses on it, you can refer the image below to know how specimen for change of name should be

Specimen for Change of Name (Hard Copy)

  • You need to enclose your original Affidavit of name change in the envelope as well.
  • An original hard copy of the newspaper publication.
  • A soft copy of Specimen for Change of Name. You need to save MS Word file in a CD (Compact Disk) and enclose that CD in the envelope.
  • You need to make a Demand Draft of Rs.1000 in the name of Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54. I will provide a link from where you can download an soft copy of Gazette Notification.
  • A certificate in which the applicant need to certify that the details provided in the hard copy and the soft copy is similar.
  • Two recent photographs on a blank white paper on which your name should be typed.
  • An Undertaking duly signed by the applicant which shows his/her old and new name with complete details of father’s / husband’s name with full residential address declaring that the facts stated therein are true & correct to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. For individuals working with Central Government, they will be required to submit Deed for the change of name in accordance with the Ministry of Home Affairs 0. M. No. 190016 / 1 / 87-Estt. dated 12/03/1987. In a case of Indians who are living abroad, he/she will submit deed duly attested by the respective Indian Embassy / Indian High Commission, in original to this Department.
  • You need to submit a self-attested ID proof as well. This application should be sent by Courier or can be submitted personally.


So this was the name change procedure in Gazette of India, I hope you got all the information for which you were searching online regarding your name change. If you want to get in touch with Controller of Publication you can use the details provided below.

This can be used as supporting documents for:

You can download soft copy of Gazette notification from egazette Website

Read here about how you can download Change of name Gazette notification.

Please Note: I am not a Legal Consultant or Lawyer who is legally qualified, the data I have shared above is my personal experience while I was changing my name in Gazette of India.


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