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Lowest Interest Rate Credit Cards (1.5% – 2.99%)

These days almost all of us have credit cards with them and we use our cards to make the payments to the merchants from whom we buy products and services. When we use our cards to make the payment, it’s quite simple that we are not handing the money in cash to the merchants. But we are paying him electrically the bank or the credit card issuer who gave us the card will pay the money in behave of us and later on we will have to pay the money to the card issuer with some amount of interest.

This is how the credit card industry is running in this world. But this is a great feature we can purchase things even when we don’t have money in cash with us or even when we don’t want to carry cash with us while we move out for shopping. Various issuers and banks have different rate of interest, while we choose our card we should choose it carefully to save some money which we will be paying as interest for the transactions we have made using it. In this article we will be telling you about the lowest interest rate credit cards whose interest rate is from 1.5% to 2.99%.

Lowest Interest Rate Credit Cards (1.5% – 2.99%)


Owning a credit card in India is not a big deal these days, even students can get credit cards in our country. And even the low income earners can get one for them. If you want one for you and don’t want to do much documentation then you can get it by opening an Fixed deposit in the bank i.e. Credit card against fixed deposit. 🙂

Bank NameCredit Card NameRate of Interest
Kotak Mahindra BankBest Price Card1.50%
State Bank of IndiaUBI Advantage Card1.75%
Union Bank of IndiaClassic Card1.90%
Union Bank of IndiaSilver Card1.90%
Axis BankEasy Gold Card1.95%
State Bank of IndiaAdvantage Plus and Gold Card2.25%
Deutsche BankSmartGold Credit Card2.25%
ICICI BankInstant Platinum Card2.49%
CitibankCashback and Prestige Card2.50%
Bank of BarodaTitanium, Signature and Platinum2.60%
Kotak Mahindra BankAqua Gold Card2.99%

So these were the Lowest Interest Rate Credit Cards which you can in India, we have listed some of the best cards for various types of transactions below check them out too.  🙂