How to Register/Update Mobile Number with Bank of Maharashtra Account?

Time needed: 2 hours.

This guide will help you to register or update your mobile number in your Bank of Maharashtra Account.

  1. Write a Letter to the Branch Manager.

    The first thing which you have to do is writing a letter by addressing it to your branch manager.

  2. Mention the Subject as “Registering Mobile Number”

    The subject of the letter should be “Registering Mobile Number”. You can also make it “Update of Mobile Number”.

  3. Mention your Old Mobile Number and New Mobile Number.

    Now you have to mention both your old mobile number and the new mobile number which you want to be updated in your bank account.

  4. Mention your Bank Account Number.

    The next thing which you need to do is mention the bank account number.

  5. Take a Photocopy of the Identity Proof Document.

    You have to take a clear photocopy of your address proof document. Both the PAN Card and Aadhaar Card can be used for this purpose.

  6. Make Your Signature on the Application Letter and Photocopy.

    The application letter should be signed by the bank account holder. Also, the photocopy of the identity proof document should be signed by the account holder to make it self-attested.

  7. Attach the Application Letter and the Photocopy.

    Both the application letter and the photocopy must attach each other. You can staple both of them together.

  8. Go to your Bank of Maharashtra Home Branch.

    You personally have to visit the home branch of the bank. Home branch is the bank where you have opened and maintain your bank account with the Bank of Maharashtra.

  9. Submit the Application Letter

    The last step is to submit the application letter to bank employees and your mobile number will be updated within 2 working days.