How to Change Name in Canara Bank Account?

Time needed: 5 hours.

If you want to change your name in Canara Bank Account then you will have to follow some steps. We have mentioned the steps which you need to follow to change name in Canara Bank account. But the bank will require the documents in which your new name is mentioned. It can be a Name Change Affidavit, Aadhdaar Card with your new name, PAN Card with your new name etc.

  1. Write an Application Letter.

    The first thing which you have to do is write an application letter to your branch manager telling him that you want to change your name in the bank records.

  2. Mention your Old Name, New Name and Bank Account Number.

    You have to mention your old name which was mentioned in the bank records, your new name and most particularly your bank account number.

  3. Take Photocopies of the documents. (Xerox Copy)

    The next thing which you have to do is take a clear photocopy of Name Change Affidavit, Gazette Notification, PAN Card and Aadhaar Card with the new name.

  4. Make your Signature on Application Letter.

    You have to make your signature on the application letter which you have written to the branch manager.

  5. Make your Signature on Photocopies.

    After making your signature on the application letter you have to sign the photocopies to make them self-attested.

  6. Attach the Application Letter and Photocopies.

    We are almost done with the preparations to change name in Canara Bank Account. You now have to attach the application letter and the photocopies of your documents.

  7. Visit your Home Branch.

    Take your application letter, photocopies and the documents and go to your Canara Bank home branch where you hold your bank account.

  8. Tell the Bank Officials about your Name Change.

    After getting inside your home branch tell the bank officials that you have changed your name legally and want to update the new name in the bank records.

  9. Submit the Application Letter.

    Now submit your name change application letter to the bank officials along with your documents.