How to Close Bank Account in IDBI Bank?

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Close Bank Account in IDBI Bank: This one is considered as one of the best bank operating in India. In case you don’t want to use your account any more because of any reason, there are number of reasons why you want to close the account you can do that. And if you are planning to close your account because it has turned dormant overtime as you have not used it from long time then I have other way for you. I have published a guide which will tell you how to reactivate Dormant account in IDBI Bank. But if you have made up your decision to close it they this guide will help you to do so.

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How to Close Bank Account in IDBI Bank?

Close Bank Account in IDBI Bank

So now let us get started with this guide and check out the procedure which you need to follow to close account in IDBI Bank. I have listed down all the steps below in brief.

  • Collecting and filling up Account Closure from.
  • Returning your Passbook, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cheque book.
  • Submitting address proof and identity proof documents to the bank.

Procedure to close bank account in IDBI Bank:

  • The first thing you need to do is visiting your branch and ask for an account closure form which is available to you from any of the branch.
  • Fill that form with all the details which is asked to you in the form, and recheck the for to make sure you have filled everything correctly.
  • You will be asked to fill in various details like Account Number, your name, registered mobile number and mainly your signature.
  • You have to choose a method by which you are willing to receive the balance amount which is remaining in your account. The methods which are basically available are Cash, Cheque, Demand Draft and Balance transfer to other account.
  • Now you have completed your task to fill the form with all the details which is asked in the form and have chosen the method to receive you balance amount as well.
  • You have to submit few of the document to the officials and they are Address Proof and Identity proof documents.
  • If you want to know about the documents required by IDBI Bank you can refer this linked article. In this liked article you will find all the address proof and identity proof documents which are accepted by them.
  • Take the photocopies of the documents which you want to submit and make your signature on them to make them self attested. Because without your signature on them, those photocopies are not considered as valid ones.
  • Submit account closure form along with your documents to the branch manager and you are done with it, you have successfully closed your account. You will receive the balance which is remaining in your account.

Final Words.

So this was all about how you can close bank account in IDBI Bank, I hope you are clear with all the steps which I have mentioned in this guide. If you have any kind of doubts you can comment below, I will respond to your comment as quick as possible.


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    • Hi Deepika Kaul, Yes you can close your bank account on any Working day no matter it is a Saturday or monday.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Sushil,
      No there is no online procedure to close bank account in any bank not only in IDBI.

      So you will have to visit your IDBI home branch to close your bank account.

      Hope this helps!

  • I have relocated to another city now, Can i close the account from any other IDBI branch or it has to be done from Home branch only?

    • Hi Rakshith,
      If you want to close your account you have to do that in your home branch only.You can do one more thing rather than closing your account, get your account transferred to any IDBI branch in your current city.
      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Mr. Raja,
      You can’t close you account without paying or submitting MAB charges. But still if you want to close it then you will have to pay the MAB charge to the bank.

      Hope this helps!

      • I already paid MAB CHARGE TO YOUR BANK FOR MONTH OF NOVEMBER 2016, I can CLOSE my account with paying charges for 31 St January 2017

  • I have not used my idbi saving account for a long time due to which now its inactive so pls tell me how i can reactivate it again

  • acctually im not maintain mab balance last 6 month . then now i close my acccount then i pay mab balance , r not

  • hi my account current account in idbi bank but we are not use long time since 1.5 year so i will closed my account but account opening time MAB not required please help ?

  • I am anand. I didn’t operate my account last 3 years. My account balance is Nil. When will my savings account close automatically.

    • Hi Ananda Kumar, your account will not be closed automatically by the bank unless you close it.

      But as you told me that you have not used your account from last 3 years, when no transactions take place for a long time those accounts are considered as dormant accounts.

      Dormant accounts are inactive accounts in the bank.

  • Hi,

    I had opened account in one city (home branch) and I got transferred to another city (Its almost 3 years). Can I transfer the account to new city without visiting home branch? or can I submit the transfer process related form to new branch?

  • My mother have saving account with IDBI and she is 75 year old and the account is dormat account and now I closed my mother’s account. What is the procedure to closed the account. Are there is physically presence of my mother to closed this account ?. I submitted all the documents KYC but the bank officials are asking for physical presence of my mother, what to do?

  • I have opened Idbi saving account 5months before, now i have withdrawn My minimum deposited amount from atm.
    Will my account gets closed automatically ?
    As i want to closed my account now.

  • Hello sir,
    I have a salary account in IDBI bank from 2012 to 2015. Now I changed the company and the same account is not operatable since a year. What is the procedure to close it..and if I want to continue this as a saving account it is not operatable since so long ..should IDBI charge not non maintenance of minimum balance..if yes in that case it is better to close the old one and open new one…what documents are required to continue it…and I want to continue it as new account all other previous accounts should be cancelled linked to it…is it possible…

    Sabahuddin khan

  • I had opened a SB Account with IDBI Bank Ltd. Krishnapur Branch, BD-53,Rabindra Pally, Kolkata- 700101.
    West Bengal. The said account is non-operative for more than a year. Yet every month I get SMS from IDBI Bank to maintain MAB. In order to close the said SB A/c. I personally visited IDBI Bank Krishnapur Branch and handed over unused cheque leaves along with a letter praying for closure of my SB Account to the dealing clerk deputed there. I asked him to give me receipt against closure of bank account. He told that nothing is required. Automatically your account will be closed and inoperative. But every month I receive SMS asking me to maintain MAB etc. which is totally disgusting and not expected from a govt. bank. I have bitter experience of such a stupid bank in India. When there is no transactions for more than one year then why sms is sent to me. The reason is best known to the IDBI Bank authority.

  • If I lost passbook and cheque book then is it possible to close account without return passbook and cheque book?
    If not? So what is another method should do to close account without return passbook and cheque book?

  • IDBI services are not so good, in some places like in Kharagpur branch, i am having saving bank account zero balance maintanance but suddenly without any notice they the IDBI started charging for not maintaining minimum balance in my saving bank account and this dissappoint me a lot, because i was unprepared for that.

  • My bank is located in chennai and now am in bangalore..
    I am not getting leave, so how can i close my account by being in bangalore..

    Is there is anyother option..??

  • I don’t have bank details with me except my debit card .i want to close the account it possible and if yes then how ?

  • Hi, i haven’t used my account from 2years almost but my L. I. C insurance is linked to idbi account. So will you please tell me. Weather that money will come in the same account or be bounced?

  • Hi,
    Im not in the country (india) from past 5 years and not been using my idbi salary ac since 2010. I don’t know when will I make my next visit to India. My ac balance is -175.00 I don’t mind paying the difference but please guide me, how can I close my account ?

    • Hi Anugrag Singh,
      If you are not in India currently then you can still close your bank account.

      And it can be done by sending a FAX to your IDBI Bank’s Branch.

      All you have to do is contact IDBI Bank Customer care by calling them at 1800 200 1947.

      Ask for the phone number of your branch.

      Call them and tell them that you want to close your bank account and you are not in India currently.

      They will tell you the procedure to close your bank account.

      Ask for the FAX number and FAX your account closing request application letter.

      But please note that not all the branches accept the application form by FAX.

      So you have to call them and ask before you FAX your application.

      Hope this helps you Anugrah.

  • I have an aadhar card. But there the problem of my surname. according to my husband’s surname my aadhar card is like that so i am facing lot of problem to sub-mit my aadhar link to my account & other.

  • Hi, Earlier my salary account was with IDBI (Pune) but a few years back the contract between my organization and IDBI bank expired. Thus, I had to switch my salary account to another bank (Noida) associated with my organization. I even submitted the application about 1 year back to close my account but seems like they didn’t act. I’m not using IDBI bank account, but I keep getting MAB smses I even reloaded my IDBI account with Rs. 5K to maintain the MAB acting upon their SMS, but they deducted the MAB charges out of it bringing the MAB below 5K, so I transferred the balance amount from my IDBI account as I cannot keep on adding money and they keep on deducting the dues in the name of MAB charges. When one is not in position to maintain the minimum account balance, how can banks levy MAB charges – what’s the logic? Please advise I cannot loose my money in the name of maintaining MAB. Better to get the account closed permanently or let the account be dormant and dead sometime later.

  • I am not operating my idbi bank ac from 1 year.
    So my a/c goes in minus balance.
    Can any process we recover these amount and operating a/c again with no dues.
    Plz tell me

  • Hi,
    my name is Vinod having salary and saving account in IDBI bank Bilaspur now i want to close my account.
    i am leave at Raipur now can i go to the nearest Bank of Raipur for close my account.

  • Please close my account below. I am getting frequent email and SMS for bank related MAB and statements. I don’t wish to continue this account. as well this one was opened by your executive by directly without I visit the branch. So same way I requesting through online close my account. If you want any authorization from me reach out to my registered email address or mobile number and close this account. I don’t want this account anymore.

    Account No: 0*****04****124782
    Customer ID: 733****9