How to Activate SBI ATM Card?

These days almost all the banks which are operating in India offer ATM card to all the people which own a account in their bank. Some banks provide ATM card to their account holders when you open your account with them. And some banks will provide it on demand, that is when you will apply for your card manually. Now I think you have already received your card and now you want to Activate SBI ATM card which you have received from SBI. If you are searching online for an guide which will help you to get your card activated. Then you have been landed on the right website, because in this page on Online Indians you will find the procedure which you need to follow to activate SBI ATM Card.

What is ATM Card?

It is a financial card which will be provided to banking institution to the people who own and operate bank account with them. With the help of this card people can access their money which they have in their account anytime in a day i.e. 24×7. There are tasks which can be done with the help of this card and they are, cash withdrawing, cash deposit, balance enquiry and few more. In order to avail these features you need to insert your card into Automated Teller Machine. Some banks have Automated Teller machines in which you need to insert your card and it goes inside the machine and some banks have machines in which you just need to swipe your card and you are ready to carry out the task you want to do.

How to Activate SBI ATM Card?

Activate SBI ATM Card

So now it’s time for us to get started with this guide. And check out the procedure which you need to follow to activate your ATM card which is provided to you by SBI.

  • The first thing you need to do is, visit the ATM machine which is owned by SBI only. Make sure that machine belongs to this bank only. If not then you will not be able to activate your card.
  • Take out your card and insert your card into the Automated Teller Machine.
  • You will be now asked to enter the PIN Code which you have received from your bank. Your PIN code will be of 4 digits.
  • As soon as you enter your PIN Code you need to follow the on screen instructions which will be provided to yo on the scree and get your card activated.
  • Now to check whether your card is activated or no, you can try to withdraw some amount from your account. If you are allowed to withdraw cash your ATM card is activated successfully.
  • In case you are not allowed to withdraw cash from your account, just visit your SBI home branch the bank officials will guide you further to activate SBI ATM Card.

Final Words.

So this was how you can activate SBI ATM card, I hope you are clear with all the steps which I have mentioned above in this guide. If in case you have any doubts or questions in your mind you can leave your comment below. I will respond to you as soon as possible to me. And if you want to get assisted quickly you can visit your SBI home branch in working hours.


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    • Hi Purnima,

      You have mentioned in your comment that you have already once withdrawed cash from your SBI ATM Card. So let me tell you that your card has been successfully activated.

      If you feel your card is not yet activated you can once more visit any of the SBI ATM machine and try to withdraw cash from it.

      If you face any further issues with your ATM Card you can call State Bank of India: 1800 425 3800
      or you can visit your Home branch too.

    • Hi Ahammed Raveen Kv, Always when you receive ATM card from any bank not only from SBI the card belongs to the home branch only and not other branch.

      So this is 100% sure that your card belongs to your home branch.

      Hope this helps!

  • I opened a new account with Mastro Debit Card on 21st September 2016. I’m able to do net banking but I can’t withdraw money through ATM Card and every I tried I got a message “Your ATM is not connected to your account,visit your SBI branch”. What should I do now?

    • Hi Papai, I understand the problem you are facing with your State Bank of India ATM card. Sometimes this happens (very rare) when the ATM card is not linked with the Account you hold in the bank.

      This can be fixed by visiting your home branch, just tell them the error and they will get it rectified within few working days or few hours sometimes.

      Hope this helps!

      • Hi Hari Krishna,
        If you have lost your State Bank of India ATM Card. Then block the card as soon as possible by following the procedure which mentioned above.

  • I opened my SBI A/C on 7/10/ I went to. SBIATM MACHINE,i entered my password but it tells that your pin is inccorect.SO please Guide me.

    • Hi Sudhir,
      We understood your problem you are getting an error that the PIN which you are entering is incorrect. If in case you have received your PIN from State Bank of India and still you are getting this error then it might be a technical issue so I suggest you to call SBI customer care by calling: 1800 425 3800 or by visiting your home branch.

      Hope this helps!

  • I received my ATM card and PIN from SBI (20 days ago). But I am not being able to visit an SBI ATM. Will my ATM card get deactivated if I don’t activate it if I wait for a few days more? PLEASE HELP

    • Hi Triparna, I don’t think so it will be deactivated. Try activating it and if you face any kind of issues then call State Bank of India’s customer care.

  • I have received sbi debit card in 2008. But I have not collect atm pin from sbi branch. Now how to activate my atm card . Please guide me.

    • Hi Sandeep Joshi, you have received the Debit card from State Bank of India in the year 2008 which is 8 years back from now. As you said you haven’t activated your card yet, I doubt about the activation of that card.

      So what I suggest you is call customer care center of the bank, you can reach them at 1800 425 3800 (Toll Free Number) tell them that you have received the card 8 years back. They will check the status of the card and will tell you if that can be activated now.

      And in case you have not used your account from long time that may have turned into dormant. If this is the case then you can read our guide to reactivate dormant in SBI, we have mentioned the complete procedure.

      Hope this helps you!

  • Hi sir, I’ve SBI Debit card activated (using card for ATM Transaction)
    I’m trying to use card for online payments, but I’m getting error “Card not registered”
    How can I register card for online payments?
    Pls suggest me steps to activate my card.
    I don’t have netbanking account .

    • Hi there, this can be because some technical issues. I suggest you to contact State Bank of India customer care, you can call them at 1800 425 3800

  • I have tried to get ATM PIN online and i received an OTP which is to changed within 24 hours, i have visited SBI ATM, tried to change PIN. But that time screen appears unable to process. So, i could not change PIN within 24 hours. After two weeks i collected PIN from my home branch and again i have visited SBI ATM but transaction was declined due to expiry of OTP. What shall i do now?

  • my atm card has been re issued after expirey so i have done all the process of activation but i got msg of unsucessful activation so what to do ??

    • Hi Giriraj, as you told me that you followed all the steps but still got the message telling you, that your activation was incomplete.

      Do one thing call State Bank of India customer care on this toll free number: 1800 425 3800

      Choose the option to generate ATM pin, you will be asked to enter various account details and ATM card details.

      Enter all the details and you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number. With that OTP you will be able to access your account from any of the ATM centers.

      You will be asked to change your ATM PIN after that.

  • Hi I I took my ATM card before 2months still I didn’t activated.i just tried to withdraw from other than Sbi but there not can I activate in any Sbi ATM

    • HI Annand, you can activate your ATM by calling State Bank of India customer care too. All you have to do is call them on their toll free number and choose the option to generate PIN for new ATM, you can select that via IVR.

      You will receive one OTP (one time password) on your registered mobile number, use that OTP and you will be able to use your ATM card.

      State Bank of India Toll Free Customer Care Number: 1800 425 3800

  • Hi, Is is mandatory to withdraw money from the ATM, Can I activate my New ATM without withdrawing the money from the ATM machine?
    as I Just tried to check my balance.

    • Hi Tabish, it’s ok if you don’t withdraw cash from your account while activating your ATM card.

      Even if you check your balance your card will be activated.

  • Hi

    I tried to activate my new SBI ATM card through online but error message says : Sorry, unable to process your request. Please try later. Please suggest what should i do now.

  • I have applied for my atm card 5 months ago and it also came 4 months ago. But due to being outstation, I was unable to receive my atm card. Now I have taken my atm card but I don’t have it’s pin what to do.

  • I opened my new account in SBI and I got ATM card, cheque book, and Internet banking voucher. But due to some reason I was unable to use and activate my ATM card and it got blocked when I tried to do online payment. So how can I activate my ATM card

  • My ATM card had expired,so the bank sent me a new card, I went to the bank to enquire and they said that the PIN can be generated and sent to my phone number. However I am now using a different number and needed to update my contact number with the bank. I filled in the KYC details and was told that ATM card would be activated in 1-2 days. I tried to activate the card by sending SMS but I get a message saying the request is not processed. I am away from town so I cannot go to the bank.

  • My card is unable to check balance or withdraw its alway write on screen to generate pin within 24hrs what shall i do to activate my atm card

  • Is account number is necessary for activation of ATM and do I get any OTP on first use of my debit card on ATM

  • My card got blocked in October with other 6L cards for the security breach. I blocked my old card and applied for the new card which I got in January. I generated my PIN in march first week but when I tried withdrawing money from Canara Bank, HDFC and SBI too, it was declined. I am studying in Bangalore and my home branch is in GHY. What can I do in this situation?

  • I have already generated PIN. To active my new SBI debit card, I am using net banking. ATM services-> Active Debit Card-> I have provided required details whatever asked-> then Iwhen I click on the Avtive button it is showing “something went wrong, try later”.
    So Kindly check with your technecian whether this portal is working or having some deployment going on.