How to Pay SBI Credit Card Bill by Cheque Deposit?

Hey there hi and welcome to Online Indians, I think you have an SBI Credit Card right now with you and you are searching online for an article in which you will find information regarding how you can pay your outstanding Credit card bill of State Bank of India. If yes and you are doing so then let me tell you that you have been landed on the right website here on Online Indians. Because on this website you will find may of the articles which are about the Credit card bill payment which are based on many methods and I will be sharing them with you guys too.

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I have mentioned in the starting part of this article in which I told that there are many methods of paying bills of credit card. And all those methods are listed below, you can use one of them if you don’t want to pay the bill with the help of Cheque.

How to Pay SBI Credit Card Bill by Cheque Deposit?

SBI Credit Card Bill pay by Cheque deposit

So let us now come to the point and get started with this article, and to pay your bill by Cheque deposit follow the instructions which are provided below.

  • First of all you need to take a cheque from your cheque book.
  • Fill the details of your Credit card in the cheque.
  • Now visit State bank of India branch and deposit your cheque and you are done.
  • Your payment will be done within few business days.


So this was the method to pay your SBI CC bill with the help of cheque deposit. I hope you understood this method and if you did not then you can comment below your questions. If you did not like this method choose another one from the methods given above in the article. Thanks for reading and stay tuned with Online Indians for more stuff like this.  🙂